Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sterkvark the Pirate (Part IV)

Like his old shipmate Chief Brody used to say, Sterkvark was "gonna need a bigger boat." Northrend ought to have provided him with many options, but for one reason or another every vessel he considered left something to be desired.

In Venture Bay he
met a certain "Captain Omen" who tried to sell him his boat, but Sterkvark just couldn't work out how he was going to swing aboard an enemy ship from a submersible...

He visited the Winterfin Murlocs for a
replacement eyepatch, but just couldn't bring himself to raise a crew that only sang sea chanteys that went "Mrglmrglmgrl..."

He thought he had found a wonderful opportu
nity when he looked in the Want Ads and found a fully equipped sailing vessel with everything needed for an extended yoyage included...

....except water.

Finally, he decided the only way he was going to get the ship he needed was to pirate up and steal one.

He thought about cutting out a Vrykul longsh
ip but recalled that the giants exploded into stinking heaps of seaweed when slain and he had already endured a lifetime of stench while drifting about on the dead gorilla...

He made
his way to the Onslaught Harbor and challenged the craven captain of one of the ships to single combat. What a whiner! Sterkvark though he would never roll over and die, but no one came to the captain's rescue and at long last Sterkvark had his ship and put to sea....

...forgetting that without a crew it would be impossible f
or him to hand, reef and steer simultaneously...

It was enough to make any sea dog settle down and start up gold farming...

(to be continued...)

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